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20-24. Getting what you want (5-part series)

19. Living as forever-Being in the Present Moment

18. Two Shifts for a Peaceful, Present, Positive and Productive Mind

11 to 17. Managing Your Relationship with Ego – Parts One to Seven

10. The 11 P's of Personal Power

9. You Know Maslow’s Psychological Needs – How About Your Spiritual Needs?

8. Personal Power – Establishing your Purpose

7. Developing a Sunny Perspective on Life

6. A New You? … start 2019 with enthusiasm and exuberance!

5. The Mindset of a Spiritual Warrior

4. Enlightenment

3. Get in Touch with Your Being

2. Purpose through Strategic Planning

1. The Secret to Success and Time Freedom is Simply Sound Sleep & Selective Scheduling 

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